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Need to remove printer ink

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    Hello I need to remove printer ink from paper, I have been searching for a while and basically I found a formula that suggests mixing aceton, bleach and hydrogen peroxide together in a glass container, when the solution starts becoming hot and bubbling insert the paper into the container and let the paper stay in this "Bath" for 5 minutes. Take out the paper and wipe the excess ink off it in circular motion. Then give shorter 1-2 minute baths and continue wiping the ink off in circular motion till the paper is pearl color. Run the paper under hot water for 15 minute to remove all chemical and then under icy water for 15 minutes. Then place paper into large envelope and put the envelope under something heavy for 1 day (like a book or metal block of the size bigger than the paper etc) document should be completely blank.

    I will ofc wear all protection as I have access to chemistry lab eq, but I am just looking for other possible ideas to bleach ink off paper. It's not anything really extensive either like money (which gets anti-bleaching chemical baths that turn it brown/other color when you try to bleach it) so shouldn't be too hard.
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    Thanks for moving the topic, wasn't sure if I should post in Chem section
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