Need to research an interesting topic for my tutor.

In summary, the speaker needs to find and study a topic of physics in 2 days to impress their tutor, who has given them an ultimatum to learn something new within 3 days or they will no longer work together. The speaker is looking for suggestions for a fun and easy topic to study, as they have limited time due to working 10-18 hours a day. They also ask for multiple suggestions and apologize for any annoyance. Another speaker suggests focusing on the basics of quantum mechanics, as it would impress the tutor.
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I need to find and study a topic of physics. My tutor told me he wants me to study something in one of several different topics and physics is one of my choices. He has told me if I do not learn something new in 3 days he will not study with me anymore. I have 2 days to learn it and I need to learn it very well. I am looking for some suggestions about a fun fairly easy topic to study. I work 10-18 hours a day so I do not have much time in those 2 days. Please if you have any suggestions let me know. If you can suggest more then one I That would be very helpful as we have studied a lot of physics already together. Thank you in advance for any help you may provide.

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Can someone help me please. I am looking at Comological Constant if i dig into it is it valuable and relitivly easy?
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No ideas yet? sorry to be anoyying just limited in time
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Sorry I have no suggestions for you... but I can tell that the reason you aren't getting responses is because this part of the forum is for students who need help with their college courses.

I personally think it would be a great idea to post this under one of the physics discussion threads of your choice! Or perhaps one of the astronomy ones.

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Ok ill try thank you
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You have to master something in 3 days otherwise your tutor won't work with you anymore? This sounds like the plot of a bad Kung Fu movie from the 80'.

You could try undestanding the basics of quantum mechanics. That would impress him :)

1. What are some tips for finding an interesting research topic?

Some tips for finding an interesting research topic include brainstorming ideas based on your personal interests, reading current articles and publications in your field, and discussing potential topics with your peers and mentors.

2. How do I narrow down my research topic?

To narrow down your research topic, you can start by identifying a general area of interest and then narrowing it down to a specific research question or problem. You can also consider the feasibility and relevance of your topic to your field of study.

3. How do I ensure that my research topic is original?

To ensure that your research topic is original, you can conduct a literature review to see what has already been studied in your field and identify any gaps or areas that have not been explored yet. You can also consult with your tutor or supervisor for their input on the uniqueness of your topic.

4. What are some reliable sources for researching my topic?

Some reliable sources for researching your topic include academic journals, books, and reputable websites. You can also use databases and search engines specifically for academic research, such as Google Scholar, to find relevant and credible sources.

5. How can I make my research topic more specific?

You can make your research topic more specific by focusing on a particular aspect or angle of your broader topic. This could involve narrowing down your research question, specifying a particular population or geographical location, or exploring a specific time period or event related to your topic.