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Need two articles very ly

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    Need two articles very urgently

    hi, I need "Miller AJ. The effect of microstructural parameters on the mechanical properties of non-crimp fabric composites. M. Phil thesis, Cranfield University, School of Industrial and Manufacturing Science, August 1996" and "developing multiaxial non-crimp reinforcements for the cost effective solution in 31st international SAMPE technical conference" very very urgently. i'd appreciate it if somebody can find them and send to me. thanks.
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    Re: Need two articles very urgently

    How about looking for them yourself?
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    Re: Need two articles very urgently

    i have already search for them, but couldn't get any results. on the other hand, if i had found them, i wouldn't have written a post here.
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    Re: Need two articles very urgently

    Does your school technical library have them? Also, if they are copyrighted publications, only the authors can "send" them to you.
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