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Need Urgent Help - Can you do my job for me please?

  1. Feb 27, 2007 #1
    I need an off the shelf DVM and Lab Power Supply that can be connected to a PC to firstly log the DVM output and secondly to Switch the PSU on and off dependent on the PSU terminal voltage/current.

    I could do an internet search, but I have to get the spec out ASAP and haven't started it yet.

    Does anybody know of/use this sort of kit, and can you point me to a Manufacturer/Supplier (Pref UK)
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    My first thought is "Agilent"

    They make world's highest quality test equipment, including a bench DVM and power supplies that can be programmed via PC through a connection called GBIP. Their latest models can be programmed through a network now.

    But they are very very expensive.

    But here I found an alternative PS


    and multimeter

    http://www.electronics123.com/s.nl/it.A/id.2432/.f?sc=16&category=40780 [Broken]

    hope that helps.
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    Thanks, I'd decided Agilent was the most likely supplier.
    The 18A supply current means it ain't going to be cheap, but the £1200 price for the units I put together is still much cheaper then the £16k the contractor is saying it will cost. Time to put my Kicking boots on...
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    The other good thing about Agilent products is that they all use GPIB connectors (which can be daisy chained) and are easily programmed with Agilent VEE.
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