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Need your help please

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    I'm new to the forums and I hope this is the correct place for my post. I have joined specifically to find someone (and others later hopefully) to help myself and my friends with a project we are working on. We have been developing the theoretical side of the project for the last year and have now reached the stage where we need skilled assistance in specific areas.

    Initially we need someone with practical skills in using scientific computer programs and if possible access to those programs on a day to day basis. We estimate that initially the help we require would one or two days to achieve to supply us with the data we require. Naturally, the person(s) helping us would be remunerated for their services.

    If anyone is interested in helping us or who knows anyone who might (a member here or not), can they please either reply in this thread or contact me with a private message. Note that for the moment, what details I can post on the project are vague, simply because of our desire to protect our data and information.

    Should anyone give us the help we need, they will have the option to go further within the project to the next stage. Details on this and other aspects will be provided once contact has been established.

    Please note this is not an attempt at trolling, or posting spam, or a post attempting to mislead anyone. We are simply looking for someone to help us and this is a genuine attempt to find such persons.

    Thank you for taking the time to read our request and I hope someone can give us the help we require.


    Gary Steadman
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