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Need your help to get information about analytical solution for metal gauge on rectan

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    Dear Sir,

    This is Thangamani, doing research on sensor design. I have gone through Mr. Robert Dean (RF CMOS Designer, MEMS Optical, Inc) article that available on internet ( if not mistaken its from MEMS forum) discussed analytical solution about rectangular membrane. Since i am doing research on sensor design, i am looking for analytical solution for metal gauge on rectangular membrane. Most of the published articles had discussed only about circular membrane, gauge on circular membrane (W K Schomburg, et al., "The Design of Metal Strain Gauges on Diaphragms" J.Micromech. Microeng. 14 (2004) page 1101 - 1108 ) and rectangular plates but i could not find any publication on "analytical solution for metal gauge on rectangular membrane". Hence could you help me to provide more information about this issue. Also i have few questions in my mind which i couldn't get answer,

    1. How the industry / researcher optimized design of gauge on rectangular membrane before FEA tool introduced?

    2. How the industry / researcher calculated the active region on rectangular membrane (substrate) to design gauge (grid) pattern before FEA (FEM) Tool (like ANSYS) introduced.

    3. How the industry / researcher designed gauge (grid) pattern on rectangular membrane 2 or 3 decades ago without a theoretical explanation (analytical solution)?

    4. Since metal foil strain gauges (rectangular strain gauge) still dominates due to many features, why could not find a theoretical study (analytical solution) on internet.

    Could you please provide answer to my query. This is my humble request.

    I apologize for taking your time to answer these questions.

    Advance thanks.

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