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Need your opinion about colors

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    I am going meet a good friend of mine who is a girl in 2 days.I am thinking of wearing blue jeans,brown neck covering long sleeved t-shirt and above that a white t-shirt.I will wear the white t-shirt above the brown long sleeved t-shirt.The brown t-shirt is completely brown with no designs but the white t-shirt has some nice gray designs on the chest part and lite green collars.So will I look okay or there be clash of colors.

    As you may not know I am physically handicapped.My left leg is lame.So suggest me if you feel anything wrong.This is not a date just I will go to her house for a visit meet her parents and talk to her for some time.
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    Your outfit sounds fine. Don't worry too much, you'll do great!!
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    Although I wouldn't sweat it too much...I have a hard time imagining a white T-shirt over a brown long-sleeve shirt. If you go with this, take care to make sure the white shirt fits comfortably over top. If you layer two shirts that are sized the same, or worse if the outer shirt is smaller, it will look odd when the undershirt wrinkles and creates extra "puffy-ness". This is why fitted undershirts are best. So just make sure the two fabrics meet perfectly and fit right.

    Take care and good luck!
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    sameev29, that sounds like a nice outfit. I read your other posts and see you do not have much confidence in your appearance due to being handicapped. I think dressing nicely and good conversation skills (being friendly and polite, etc. ) will help you feel more confident and better about yourself. I hope the visit goes well. Good luck!
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    My first boyfriend was crippled from a motorcycle accident, his legs and pelvis were crushed. I met him after he spent a year in the hospital being "rebuilt", he as able to walk with a cane, but with difficulty, he'd have to swing the left side of his body forward since his leg and hip were fused together.

    He had a wonderful personality, charming, funny. I never even thought about his disability.

    Your outfit sounds nice, have a great time. :smile:
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    Thanks every one.A funny thing happened,on that very day I prepared to go to her house and surprisingly she came to me just a few minute before I was going out.I was wearing that dress I told you all about.It was very nice and fun time.We talked for some time and had tea.
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    That's wonderful sameev! Glad you had a nice time. :smile:
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    Well I think you should wear a white t'shirt with a short sleeves and than put a shirt with full sleeves over it..It looks awesome..But I like your choice also,it will look nice..NO doubt white and grey is a good combination..
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    I think mdemonion is right
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