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Needed help with algorightm

  1. Jun 14, 2009 #1
    First of all, i found this forum after long time spent on searching on the internet about solution of my problem, i am new here, this is my first post, and i would be more than happy if someone has in mind some solution of my problem

    Let me get to the point

    My brother is using an algorithm to generate 2 lines of numbers
    Something like this

    i will call the first line of numbers "username"
    the second one "password"

    here are all the "usernames" and "passwords" i have got by now

    Code (Text):
    username :7654546259
    password :7475354934

    username :7575646000
    password :9502504684

    username :7592003966
    password :6261731192

    username :7621294731
    password :1280316572

    username :7627240089
    password :7309367083

    username :7628953394
    password :9543425250

    username :7633187733
    password :4678861168

    username :7636741415
    password :8955813129

    username :7642148904
    password :7642148904

    username :7644462216
    password :1616582084
    number   :

    username :7654546259
    password :7475354934
    My point is to find the algorithm so i can generate the 2 lines of numbers myself

    NOTICE : This numbers are not in any kind associated with some sort of sales, this is strictly for private usage

    If the algorithm can be found by using these "usernames" and "passwords" , please post and let me know

    Also, i apologyze if i posted this in the wrong section

    Thanks in advance
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    I doubt you're going to be able to reconstruct the algorithm from such a small number of outputs.

    Knowing nothing else about it, if it takes no arguments as input, I'm betting that it does one of the following things to get the numbers:
    (a) some variation on regular pseudorandom numbers
    (b) some variation on the system time / system clock
    (c) some non-deterministic measurement, like a temperature sensor
    (d) using unitialized variables

    I wouldn't be surprised if there is some sort of mapping from usernames to passwords, such that the username dictates the password.

    I mean, think about it. If you have 20 digits that don't seem to follow any pattern, how many different rules could be used to generate numbers? A lot.

    Do you see any commonalities between various usernames or passwords?
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