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Needed suggestions from counselor

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    Hi I am a. counselor, I need health and wellness material that I can put my name on and hand to my clients. Nothing is editable; most of it sucks and is too generic. Does anyone know where I can get free professional wellness fact sheets that I can edit, put my name on them and give them to my patients?
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    Chi Meson

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    Here's a fact? Clista; Learn, how to punctuate! And be a professional by doing your own professional work.

    Sounds like you want to go beyond simple plagiarism, you want others to find and then present to you the materials for you to plagiarize. All this on a vast trolling expedition!
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    There is also such a thing as fair quotation and revealing sources.
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    Math Is Hard

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    Something tells me that very shortly a new user will show up and post a link to solve all of clista's problems. :smile:

    I suspect that the "." in the first sentence was just a placeholder in the spam template
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    Now now...let's not jump to any premature conclusions.

    Clista, I recommend flying to Central America to sell your kidneys (one or both) on the local organ market, the better to pay off all your impending lawsuit settlements and/or support any dependents during your stint in the bighouse.
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    he may be posting from some central American country---(no flying required)
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