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Needle phobia

  1. Feb 18, 2005 #1
    Like personally I have a needle phobia. That's for sure. No idea of the real phobia name. I also have like a sort of good reason why. When I was young I had a very bad asthma attack, i was hospitalized, when i was there. They needed to needle something to get my asthma attack under control. I forget the name(i think cortozone. probably not.) So when they did this. A new nurse or something was doing it and missed the vein or whatever like 8 times. Anyway now I will only get the need boosters and stuff. No free flu shot or anything. When I do get shots. I can literally feel the needle insert, no matter how small diameter. I can also feel the fluid expand my vein.

    So like this particular phobia of mine. It causes like a complete and utter fear like horror movie type fear.

    Now particularly I'm a trekkie, computer geek. As the Hacker's Manifesto says, "We exist without skin color, without nationality, without religious bias" I just don't have any prejudices. I find the racial jokes funny. But I never believe anyone is less then anyone else because of any sort of difference.

    So for like Homophobia and the Phobia for racism. Do the people actually get a fear like the horror movie fear of just being near homosexuals? Could someone explain that to me?
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    'Homophobia 'and 'Islamophobia' are political rather than psychiatric terms ,meaning 'hatred of 'rather than 'fear of '. So in one way they seem a misuse of the suffix 'phobia' but actually are closer to the original Greek meaning of the word which is 'fear' so they are at least etymologically correct .Though they do not describe a widely recognised psychological condition as far as I know .
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    Phobias are treated as anxiety disorders, and are highly treatable, if not curable. This Horror movie fear is now called panic attack. It effects people in different degrees. I grew up next to someone who was hysterical of clouds.

    I simply have phobia-phobia..the fear of fear itself.
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    so you fear becoming fearful of something?
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    Aichmophobia..the fear of needles

    Yes, fear is a horrid feeling, i avoid it at all cost :surprised
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    My friend has myophobia, fear of gerbils (actually it means fear of mice but whatever). She also would like gerbil lovers to stay the hell away :rofl:

    Think you don't have a phobia? Are you sure?
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