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Needy Webcam

  1. Nov 5, 2005 #1
    Ok, not sure if this is the exact right forum... whatever....

    So, i have a webcam i use often. and today, its being all weird. Its fine when i'm sitting right in front of it, as usual. but if i lean over out of its view, it starts jumping and gets all freaky and lines across it. same happens if i try to walk away. if i walk away about 3 feet, and i stay in front of it, its fine. if i step too far away, it freaks, but then i take one step forward, its fine. if i take a step to the side where it can't see me, it freaks. Its like whenever i'm not right in front of it where it can see me, it gets really pissy and stuff. So, i'm not sure why this would be, cause i've moved around in front of my cam zillions of times before with no problem. it just started today...

    ok, and i just tried pointing it at different points in my room and it had no affect. if its pointing towards my bed, and i stand close to it, but near my bed so it can see me, its fine, if i step to the side, towards my roommates bed, it freaks. if i move it so its facing my roommates bed, and i walk over there, its fine as long as i don't get too far away. but if i step towards my bed, out of view, it freaks.

    so, what do you think is up????
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    Is it USB?

    If it is you could try a different USB port.
    Then if this doesn't work download the latest driver/software from the manufactures website and re-install it.
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    Does it have the ability to follow your motion? Perhaps it's having trouble with that feature.
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    no, doesn't have the ability to follow my motion. it acts like maybe there's some magenetic field around me thats necessary for it to function. its REALLY REALLY weird.
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    Do you have a cell phone in your pocket?
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    hah, no. i thought maybe it was my tv. so i turned that off, but it wasn't that either. i also changed clothes in case i was wearing something funny.
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    You do have a magnetic personality...

    Sometimes, my TV exhibits exactly what you describe (I don't have cable): when I'm nearish to it, I can get perfect reception, but when I go to sit down, it gets all staticy. I understand this since humans make good antennae, but I guess this doesn't help with your webcam problem. :frown:
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    ya, its sort of like that tv thing... i've had that happen before too. but yes, that shouldn't be like my webcam at all... and like, it doesn't usually matter which way your tv is facing... as long as your in a positition where you make a good antenna, but my webcam has to be looking at me. i can stand one place and make it have good picture, but if i move the cam, standing there isn't any good any more cause it can't see me! doesn't anyone know what could be up?
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