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Negative Feedback Control

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    How does it work for the 'Adrenal Gland'???
    I cannot find this information anywhere and I need it as soon as possible, thanks.
    Thank you.
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    It's the same basic principle as negative feedback for release of any hormones. I'm going to break it down into several smaller questions to help guide you to your own answer and see how this goes.

    Let's start with the hormones involved. Identify the hormones at each level:
    1) Produced by adrenal gland
    2) Produced by pituitary
    3) Produced by hypothalamus

    For hormones produced by the adrenal gland, how many of those 3 levels (target sites) can they act on (feedback to), and which one(s)?

    When the adrenal gland hormones act on the target sites, what happens to the hormone release from that target site?
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