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Negative Ion Generator

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    Howdy! How do I build a small low-voltage ion generator? The simplest possible design; we'er talking AA batteries here with step-by-step instructions... Any links or advice would be graciously accepted / appreciated.

    Here is a youtube video of the thing I want in case I'm not describing it well enough:
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    surely you have typed .... How do I build a small low-voltage ion generator? ... into google ?

    what results did you get ? ... I'm sure they would be the same ones any of the rest of us would get
    if we did it for you

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    I have, and I actually only just now figured out how to do it. Not easy information to find by any means... I still would like to hear what the people here have to say though. What I'm after is the ion wind. I wish to produce maximum thrust with minimum waste. I know fractals are useful for things like this... No idea why, but stationary antennas use fractal-based designs now. Any idea how I could efficiently produce a lot of wind without much effort? And minimum ozone output would be ideal. I like my cake without poisonous gas in it : )

    What would make me really happy is discovering a substance with a natural negative charge & one with a natural positive charge & using that.
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