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Negative thoughts

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    while studying i frequently have negative thoughts like i cannot do it, i dont have time , and feel low in confidence it has caused much trouble to me what should one do if he has this problem.
    Thank You
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    The only thing worse than failing, is being worried and failing. It's a good sign that you care, but just try to relax. While studying, listen to some music, drink some pepsi/coffee. Just try random things to try to get you to relax. Maybe even eat a little while studying.
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    You may be a good candidate for psychotherapy and drugs. One of my good friends suffers from depression, and treatment makes a big difference.
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    I kind of have this problem..
    Pretty much whenever I study I'm laying down in bed.. music on (I suggest some System of a Down or Slipknot.. calms you down or something like that) and reading whatever I have to study...
    Then again, you may fall asleep doing this, but that's OK.. you'll end up waking up feeling refreshed and ready to study!
    Happens to me all the time. :D (2AM school nights studying, heh)
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    Go to the gym and excercise. That helps take your mind off things.
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    Forget abt the results. Just study to understand whatever you studying. Study as if it is a story book which is a source of lot of fun in learning interesting cool stuff!!

    Make it fun and take out the fear of achievement and results. Dont worry abt that and be immersed in whatever you are studying for just learning sake.

    Then do not be put off if you dont understand what you are studying and more importantly do not skip. Even if you skip that time, note down places you didnt understand and revisit them again and again. Still if you dont understand ask others. Treat studying as some treasure hunt game or a detective story and then if you take such a lighter and fun attitude towards studying, I think you will lose fear and gain excitement and will start looking forward to learning new new things!!

    Never be ashamed to ask in the fear of looked upon as ignorant in the front of others.
    If you ask you will be a fool for that moment, if you dont you will be a fool for lifetime.

    Enjoy Learning new stuff!!! Make it fun!!
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    Pretty good advice there... but if you're enrolled in a History course, then prepare for some mindless memorizing. (Same might apply for Biology if you're barely interested)
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    LAUGH!! at your silly thoughts. Think about how big the universe and how insignificant your life is compared to it. You're only purpose in life is to gain knowledge in life and appreciate its beauty. Who cares if you fail? Its just a temporary set back, at least you know you tried your best and in the thats what matters.

    At least the above works for me. (I have a mid term today, in 9 hrs, just did the past year paper and failed. yes i am smiling :smile: )
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    oh btw did i mention that its a physics mid term? :rofl:
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    Hello ambuj123,

    during my first couple of semesters (physics) I often thought:
    "Oh man, is it really the right thing I am studying? It's so hard.
    I don't understand this. ..."
    I often didn't have the notion to learn and when I had an assignment
    I couldn't solve, I gave up too early. It was very frustrating

    But later it really got better. I went to the library to look up things for
    the assignment. I discussed things with fellow students.
    One thing that could help you is the following:
    Whenever you have those negative feelings, think of fellow students (for example a good friend) and imagine what they would do in that moment.

    I sometimes think of a fellow student I know who really works hard and then I want to become as good as him. I feel my ambition raising.

    As long as you work hard, you will definitely pass your exams.

    Cheer up.
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    Worst advice ever.

    My gf said she gets negative thoughts sometimes, as well as her friends. I recommended that they do something I call "ego boost". You really need this once in awhile.

    I also recommend doing easy questions from like Introductory chapters to remind yourself of things you can do, and that it only take one small step to move on to the next.

    Note: I love easy questions. I do them all the time. :biggrin:
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  13. Feb 26, 2005 #12
    Thanx for all the suggestion
    but these suggestions are too tame
    i even had thoughts of sucide multiple times
    my life is miserable hell
    even after working 8-12 hours daily when you dont get result that's time when you feel extremely low.
    now though i think i am comming out of my depressive phase a bit
    as things now are finally falling to place
    but now for me very less time is left for my exam which i was preparing for so dearly for past 2 years.
    i really needed psychologist's help but sadly the place where i live there are no one around.
    any ways
    thanx all
  14. Feb 28, 2005 #13
    Cool man, the exams you are preparing, tests only those thing which is conceptual infact relatively easier if you can hold on to your tranquil mind , you might have plenty of study material to study but remeber to remain calm and serene during the exam is the most important thing.
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    second worst advice ever in my opinion.

    If you are having trouble understanding something I would say this forum is a great place to start, as the people are great and willing to help, not to mention often have great experience and are knowledgeable in the field.

    In terms of study habits, what I do, (which may not work for others) is take frequent breaks. Study for say, 45 minutes, and then take a 10-15 minute (or longer) break to let it kind of sink in and give you a chance to relax. Don't do anything that requires heavy thinking in this time period, just something that you find relaxing, listening to music, getting a snack.

    Another thing I find helps a lot when learning new concepts or whatever it is you are learning, is trying to teach it...for me it's to my dog. So far my dog doesn't understand anything though, its a tough process. :tongue2: No but really, I find it helps secure what I am learning when I am "teaching" or explaining it. And teach it out loud, do not talk to your dog (or whoever you "teach" this to) in your head.

    Hopefully this is somewhat of a help,
  16. Feb 28, 2005 #15
    Almost all of the advice above is well-meaning, but useless for the original poster, who really sounds like he is suffering from clinical depression.
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