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News Neocons and Greens United at last

  1. Mar 24, 2005 #1
    Neocons and Greens stand united for polar reasons but strive for the same goal.

    From the www.iags.org site:

    “The shift from oil will bring about significant geopolitical changes and could reshape America's strategic landscape in a way more conducive to prosperity and global security. Shifting to next-generation fuels will allow more countries to generate growing portions of their energy needs domestically. The U.S. and its allies will no longer be forced to fight oil wars in the Middle East or be subjected to supply disruptions and price manipulations as during the 1970s-1980s. Above all, a shift from oil is the best weapon against America's enemies, who derive their power from oil and use it to fuel terror and spread hatred toward our nation.”

    The present weakness of the dollar is partly responsible for the superb growth of our economy at the expense of the EU nations who cannot compete and maintain the value of their currency at the same time. Without reducing the financial drain of European social handouts they will remain onlookers while the US, China and India, especially the latter consume an ever-increasing amount of energy. Liberals may believe it is possible to have it both ways, but Democrats know better. Democrats may pay lip service to the Greens but will never sacrifice the economy for green causes despite their utterances. Europeans should know that the labor movements in the US were never, certainly not now, anti-business. The US worker sees the corporation as a means of maximizing his wages through whatever pressure he might directly or indirectly apply. The European worker, the Orwellian horse subservient to the elitist, more equal, governing pig, sees himself as part of a global fight against the corporate enemy. The US is growing more fiscally conservative as its citizens increasingly invest in private enterprise and elect representatives who promote business growth.

    Bob Byrd (US Senator; D-WV) was superbly successful in getting federal pork (federal money for state projects) for his state and was elected time and again because of these free handouts. You can only build so many dams, highways, post offices… After the money dries up the jobs go with it. Government largess is a political breath of a politician; used to inflate a balloon that soon collapses leaving nothing. Nothing was provided to the citizens of his state to promote long-term financial growth and the state remains a third world state amid the more prosperous. In contrast the tobacco-reliant state of NC promoted long time growth via business friendly policies, uniting business with university research and spawning the hi-tech Raleigh-Durham Triangle turning a dying state into a fiscal success. I guess there must be a third city else it would be the Raleigh-Durham Line. :smile:

    The President has made it a priority that the US will remain the dominant power at present and in the future to enable the spread of freedom and democracy throughout the world. You may see this as a pipe dream, attribute it to malevolent intentions, plain stupid, or impossible; however you view it, it is his goal! However you view him he is remarkably successful in implementing his policies. To accomplish this he has made it clear the US must become self sufficient in its energy requirements and recognizes the reliance on oil is not sustainable.

    The point man in this endeavor is Tom Delay (R-TX). Last fall the Neocons and the Greens backed a proposal made by the Institute for the Analysis of Global Security. This united front makes strange bedfellows of the Greens and he Neocons via the time tested capitalistic mechanisms of real wealth generation.

    Don’t bemoan the high price of oil; hope that the price increases. Don’t disparage capitalism, it is the only means of generating real wealth, in the US, in the world.
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