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Neodymium Iron Boron

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    Does any one know how does this molecule looks like? (I study Aerospace, don't ask me why do i want to know :cry: )
    How does those atomos connect with each other:
    It's chemical formulae is:
    [tex] Nd_2Fe_1_4B [/tex]
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    That's not needed right know, I've found it... if you want to know how the crystal of [tex] Nd_2Fe_1_4B [/tex] looks like just chek
    http://whisky.ill.fr/dif/3D-crystals/images/ndfebh.gif [Broken]
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    You really don't learn anything from that picture.

    The NdFeB structure is a complex layered structure based on repetitions of the SmCo5-type hexagonal unit.

    I'm not supposed to ask you why...but I'm really curious why an aerospace major would need information of the crystallography of rare earth-transition metal intermetallic based permanent magnet compounds.

    I've worked a little with some of these(mostly structure and magnetization measurements)...that's why I'm curious.
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    Thank you and by the way...

    That wasn't the only picture I've found... I've got other that is more explicit than the one I've pasted the link (that was just for people who didn't need to know how it looked like as much as i did)... but i'm still trying to figure out what is the diference between [tex] Fe [/tex] isotopes symbolized by a full, blank, left side half full, right side half full and beyond...
    What you told about the SmCo5-type hexagonal unit was a nice thing for me because i will be able to go further faster...
    The reason I'm needing it it's because i'm doing a final paper about a nanomotor and i need to compare the teorethical values of magnetic moment of the [tex] Nd_2Fe_1_4B [/tex] with the experimental ones (after some scaling laws). So I will model it to study in a program (3, to tell you the truth...). I could ask my professor but he only returns to school on wednesday... like everyone else (it's portuguese republic day on tuesday...)
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