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Neodymium magnets particulars

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    There are lots of patents on Neo magnets and they are difficult to sort out. Some of the patents restrict the use of the magnets that contain cobalt and/or have a tetragonal crystalline structure.
    Does someone know:

    What types of magnets contain cobalt?
    What types of magnets have a tetragonal structure?
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    Most NdFeB magnet patents are held by GE and/or Sumitomo. You should check with them.

    I expect there's a lot of literature on Co doping in the Fe site (I think it increases Tc and uniaxial anisotropy, up to some optimal doping), but know absolutely nothing about patents here.
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    The Neomax (Sumitomo) and Magnequench (GM) patents do require licences for Neo magnets that contain cobalt and have tetragonal structures. I am curious if all high energy (>30MOe) and high temperature (>110C) magnets use this type of technology.
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    Does anyone know who has the patents on Quadrupole Neodymium. I found a video of one on YouTube:

    You can find these magnets in particle accelerators, and they have 4 poles (Quadrupole). This one is a permanent magnet, and without the video I couldn't tell the difference between it and an ordinary bar magnet.
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