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Neper frequency

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    I don't quite have a good understanding of what exactly the neper frequency is. I've seen it derived it from certain circuits before and it was never really clear what it was. In a series RLC circuit it was simple enough to find since we were given a nice second order differential from which to take to the S domain and solve for with a quadratic formula and then pull out the neper frequency from :

    -α +-√α2o2

    α-neper frequency
    ωo- resonant radian frequency

    In a filter such as (see attachment) how would one derive the neper frequency since it does not fall so neatly into a second order polynomial. I get


    which doesnt fall so neatly into the quadratic formula nor has a term in the first order. Am i to assume this filter has no neper frequency? Or a Q factor?

    Thanks for your time

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