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Nerd joke

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    i wrote this at work, here it goes:
    All of historys great thinkers are in heaven and have begun playing hide and seek. Einstein calls it. He turns around and begins to count from 1000. Weber draws out a 1 meter box and stands in the middle. Einstein turns around, spots weber and says "I see weber, he's out."
    Weber replies, "nay, I am 1 weber per meter squared, Tesla is out."
    Edison says under his breath "yessss."
    Newton objects, "you couldn't possibly have counted all the way from 1000, it would have taken a longer period of time."
    Einstein replies, "ah, but time Is relative."
    Tesla complains, "why am I out again?"
    Newton seizes the opportunity and says, "because there is a little weber inside you..."
    "whatever, at least I didn't need a concussion to have a brainstorm... doc brown."
    "You're one to talk, Death-ray."
    Steven hawking tries to break up the bickering and says, "fellas, fellas, this is easily resolved by going back in time to avoid this whole disagreement."
    Einstein glares at Hawking and replies, "Okay... i agree with the peace offering, we should be grateful our research has moved the world forward, lets celebrate. Hawking, do the robot."

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    I wouldn't give up your day job.
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    lol :D
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    I don't get it. :confused:
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