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Nero says "not enough space on the medium(CD)"

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    Okay here is the situation. I have to make a copy of some DVDs for a buddy of mine. Its like an instructional thing. The video on the DVD is like 450MB. I wanna copy this to a regular CD. But then I want to be able to play that CD on a regualar DVD player. I tried to copy it using nero, but it tells me that there is not enough space on the medium(CD). There more than enough space on the CD for that file. Is there a program that can do this for me.

    I just hate it when people give me last minute stuff to do.

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    Thanks for the quick input. The file is a regular movie file. The DVD has the VIDEO_TS and Audio_TS directories. It looks like the VCD would play on regular DVD players. So I'm going with that. I installed the program and the encoder. I'm "rippinig and converting" now. I hope I did the right thing.
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    how long is this movie? try ripping it to your computer first and find out what the size is. if it is a commercial DVD, you will need to remove the copy protection. after that, it needs to be converted to a VCD which I think Nero can do from VOB files.
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    Do this.

    Download a DVD ripper and rip the DVD into an AVI file then use Nero to burn the AVI file to a Video CD and that will work in most standard DVD players.

    The particular DVD ripper I use is available here http://www.dvdtodivx.net/
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