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Medical Nervous Messages

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    Am Electrical Engineer, and am interseted in the signals generated by the brain and the messages transmitted across the nerves..I wonder if is it possible to take these signal and transform them to electric signal outside the body to make some action according to the given message?
    Thank you
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    We can measure the activity, in some cases we can even measure signals for a single neuron. Understanding what the signal is and what it means is quite different thing.

    But there were some experiments done, like systems designed for quadriplegics that allow them to steer mouse cursor with brainwaves. See for example http://www.livescience.com/health/050317_brain_interface.html
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    Along the lines of what Borek said, there is no "translating" what amounts to a binary signal, beyond "on" or "off". It's used the way he mentioned, and also for prosthesis.


    and more.

    In the end, mapping which nerves fire when we "think" to do something, is a kind of translation. Remember, that a single nerve doesn't carry information beyond, "I am firing now", which is your "1", compared to not firing which is your "0".
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