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NESC Batteries

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    I am working on putting a new battery rack into a substation. I was re-reading the NESC and came across section 143. This section suggests it is not recommended to anchor my rack to both the floor and the wall. Can anyone explain why this is not recommended?
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    If you are in an earthquake zone, the wall and floor could move relative to each other in minor quakes.
    This could tear your rack apart if it was connected to both of them.
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    Brilliant. I learn something new every dang day here on the PF.
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    That makes sense. I hadn't thought about that, but I agree now that I have. Now, don't be angry for my asking it this way, but, is that the NESC reason for not attaching it to both? I have not seen that specified anywhere.
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    It could work the other way, too.

    If the rack was very strong, it could stop part of the wall moving and cause damage to the building.
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