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NESC Line Relations

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    I have a question about a confusing section of the NESC (not that many sections are not confusing, but this is my current issue).

    Section 220.B.2.b reads as follows
    That the supply circuits be placed on the end and adjacent pins of the lowest through signal
    support arm and that a 750 mm (30 in) climbing space be maintained from the ground
    up to a point at least 600 mm (24 in) above the supply circuits. The supply circuits shall be
    rendered conspicuous by the use of insulators of different form or color from others on the
    pole line or by stenciling the voltage on each side of the support arm between the pins carrying each supply circuit, or by indicating the voltage by means of metal characters.

    This section has to do with supply lines of 600V or less and carrying less than 5kW coming to a support structure carrying other classes of lines. I believe there is a word missing, but can't prove it.

    The confusion, at least for me, is the 30 climing space from ground. I suspect that must be the ground CONDUCTOR, but since the code is notoriously anal about its application, I can't justify that thought. Can somone provide some clarification?

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