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Nessie hunting season

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    http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20051111/ap_on_re_eu/sweden_lake_monster [Broken]
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    That's a weird legal problem I'm glad I don't have to sort out: Is it proper to legally protect a species that has never been proven to exist?

    It is against the law to shoot a bigfoot in a couple US states. Suppose someone shot one. How could the law prove it was a "bigfoot" that had been shot? There is no scientific documentation of what a bigfoot consists of to point to and say "The dead beast has been given a thorough verternary and biological examination and fits all the criteria. It is a bigfoot." There are no such criteria on record that I'm aware of.
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    I guess that's what Cryptozoology PhDs are for. :rofl:
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    It's only fair game if they shoot it by accident. Once they see it and confirm its existance, it's endangered again :tongue:
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    I'm leaving for Scotland in two and a half weeks, and I am staying in Loch Ness for a few nights. I promise to return with many blurry inconclusive photographs
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    You should snap some blurry and inconclusive ghost photos as well: it's one of the most "haunted" countries on earth. The streets of Edinburgh they say, are paved with ectoplasm.
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    If you can snap some blurry and inconclusive photographs of a Nessie ghost I'd be impressed.

    That conjours a horrific image, it really does... :yuck:

    Anyway, the Highlands are beautiful! Enjoy yourself! (And visit the west coast/Skye if you can. It has the best scenery.)
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    Sorry. No image occured to me when I wrote it except that of Ghost Tour organizers collecting fees from camera laden tourists.
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    Not a fan of ghost stories eh?
    They can, with a bit of imagination, be a bit of harmless fun IMO, but the majority of "spooky happenings" aren't worth much attention. (There is an exception or two, but I won't go into that now.)
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    I'm just poking fun at the fact that Edinburgh has turned itself into a tourist trap for ghost fans. I saw a program about this on the Travel Channel.
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    It has? Didn't realise that. York on the other hand...
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