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Nested trig functions?

  1. Dec 4, 2003 #1
    How do I go about integrating

    sin[y*sin(x)]*sin(x) wrt x from -pi to pi,

    I've got that its an even function so I can change the limits to 0 to pi and double it, but I cant find the analytic answer. By parts? substitution? although for substitution I assume there needs to be a cos function somewhere. Any ideas?

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    So y is a constant here?

    Do you have any reason to think that there IS an elementary anti-derivative? (Most functions do not.)
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    Actually, I have no reason to believe it is doable. It came up in a proof I was working on involving some bessel function. I was just wondering if their was a standard method for nested trig functions.

    Thanks for your time
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