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Nestgrid: novel xml-like user interface platform (GPL, w/ flash demo)

  1. Mar 28, 2013 #1
    wanted to share my recent publication of the http://www.nestgrid.org/nestgrid-paper/ [Broken]. It's somewhat TLDR :), got screenshots, flash demo and codebase under Affero GPL for download. Quote:

    This paper introduces nestgrid, a novel document format and direct manipulation user interface and describes an implementation of it available as a desktop AS3/AIR app and as a browser-based flash demo. At its most basic nestgrid is a novel interface for editing and viewing a particular type of xml document, or perhaps a novel type of tree structured spreadsheet document. It turns out, however, that much like the superficially simple text-based interfaces like "spreadsheet" and "html browser" nestgrid opens up new and profoundly useful ways of human-computer interaction.
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