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Homework Help: Net Force of helicopter

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    The position of a 2.75x10^5N helicopter under test is given by

    r=(0.020m/s^2)t^3i + (2.2m/s)tj - (0.060m/s^2)t^2k

    Find the net force of the helicopter at t=5.0s express the vector F in the form Fx, Fy, and Fz

    so far i plugged in 5.0 to each component in the r equation which gave me different masses: 2.5, 11.0, and 1.5

    then i divided each mass by 5.0 to get velocity, then i plugged everything into the average accleration formula to get different accelerations, and then i finally used F=ma to plug in to get different forces for Fx Fy and Fz
    .. and it looks like im just going in a huge circle. not sure how to do this.
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    How do you find acceleration when given position as a function of time?
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