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Net force, vector quantity

  1. Jul 7, 2009 #1
    1. Two soccer players kick a ball at the same time. One player exerts a force of 58 N west and the other student exerts a force of 75 N south. What is the net force on the ball?

    2. V= Vf-Vi, trig formulas

    3. i drew this question out and it made a right triangle, so i solved for the hypoteneuse which was 95 [N]. however, i dont know how to figure out the angle. This question is multiple choice, so it's either S 52o W or 38o
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    When you say "trig formulas", be more specific. That's a hint, BTW.
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    Good hint turin. dance_sg you're on the right track thinking of trigonometrey to find the sides...whaddya know about angles?
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