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Net Gravitational Force

  1. Sep 8, 2006 #1

    I attached a diagram... to find out the arrangement of the magnitude of the net gravitational force on the particle labeled m from the smallest to the biggest.

    my answer is A B D C, anyone had a different way of looking at it?
    could you explain? some of my friends said it was A D B C... =|

    Thanks in advance

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    In B, there is one mass at distance d, the other at distance D.
    In D, there is one mass at distance d, the other at distance [itex]\sqrt{d^2+ D^2}[/itex].

    The force from the mass at distance D will be greater than the force from the mass a distance [itex]\sqrt{d^2+ D^2}[/itex] so the net force in B is greater than in D.
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    i give D a value of 50 and d a value of 1 and my result is square root of (d^2 + D^2) is more than D. My maths isn't very good. Could you help to explain?

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