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Net ionic equations with no ions

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    Just a short question:
    Now the molecular equation between LiOH (aq) with HBr (aq) is (I presume):
    LiOH (aq) + HBr (aq) ----> LiBr (aq) + H(2)O (l)
    Now I'm confused about the net ionic, since there are no ions.
    Would it just be:
    OH(-) + H(+) ---> H(2)O?
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    What is the solubility of LiBr?

    Think of a solution of NaCl. What are the ions?
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    Additionally, I recommend you look up the chapter on Ionic Equations in your favorite physical chemistry text. I like Atkins, but any decent text will show you how to go about this.
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    Astronuc has shown a good way, in aqueous solutions we don't have LiBr on hand, this is in another form. And look for cross-ionic reactions to give the final product. You wrote (aq) for three compounds, but not for H2O, this may give you a cue.
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