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Net Ionic Equations

  1. Sep 27, 2005 #1
    I am doing a study guide for an upcoming test, and I would like to check to make sure my answers are correct.

    Write the net ionic equation: (assume all aqueuos)

    calcium chloride and sulfuric acid:

    I am not sure what would happen here when sulfuric acid reacts. Would it donate one proton or two? If it just donated two there would be no reaction, right?

    calcium acetate solid and HCl:

    I am not sure what the products are, so I cannot proceed with this problem. Would it form water, C02 and Ca (2+)?

    solid zinc phosphate and HCl:

    Zn(3)PO4(2) + 6H+ + PO4 (3-) ---> 3Zn (2+) + H3PO4

    Sulfuric acid and potassium hydroxide:

    Again I am not sure about what sulfuric acid does, but my guess is:

    H+ + OH- ---> H20

    acetic acid + sodium sulfite ---> What would a sulfite + an acid yield?

    What volume of x Molar sulfuric acid is required to neutralize y mL of z M NaOH:

    I understand the stochiometry, but what is the reaction?

    - Thanks
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