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Network circuit design?

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    network circuit design???

    I was wondering if there is a schematic or if anyone knows of a way to delay the send and/or the recieve of a network cable. Preferable seperate circuits. For example can I control how fast people on my network recieve but not control the send. May be in the wrong place but i really need help on this one. Thanks
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    Well the quick answer is no. The reason being is that the send and receive speeds need to be syncornized. With different send and receive speed there would be a lot of lost data due to one computer sending at a faster rate than the receiving computer can receive.
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    Depends on the implementation of your particular network. But for most consumer networks on the market today, I would say the answer is no. However, this is something that can be controlled in software. For example: http://www.faqs.org/docs/Linux-HOWTO/Bandwidth-Limiting-HOWTO.html
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    Oh ya, the relevant google searches are
    Network traffic management
    Network traffic shaping
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    Well, you're not going to get the desired behavior by modifying the network at the physical layer. In fact, you'll just screw everything up by even trying such a thing. Instead, as es said, you should be looking at software-level or router-level solutions. Many routers can limit bandwidth.

    - Warren
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    My friend is an expert in networking technology: he said "Use a proxy-server: that's what they're for."
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