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Network control

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    I was wondering if there is a schematic or if anyone knows of a way to delay the send and/or the recieve of a network cable. Preferable seperate circuits. For example can I control how fast people on my network recieve but not control the send. May be in the wrong place but i really need help on this one. Thanks
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    That's a function of high-end routers. There probably isn't any other reasonable way to do it.
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    I dont understand your question completely. Network cables dont send and recieve, its just the physical medium used to transport the data. What are you trying to do, throtle the amount of data that a device is able to recieve into the tcp/ip stack?
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    assigning bandwidth to diff. users?
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    Of course ya can! :cool:

    All you need is a bandwidth monitor with a limiter.

    Do you have administration access to each computer?
    or are they computers that people bring and plug in?
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    plz if u can guide me in my project of controlling traffic lights by an ambulance siren,plz do reply me
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    :bugeye: erm.. :uhh:

    First off- that question doesn't belong to this thread

    Secondly- if you drive an ambulence that is equipped with a siren, you will already know how to change the lights.

    Thirdly- if you don't drive an ambulence, but have attached a siren to a vehicle.... um.. yeah..
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