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Network Firewalls

  1. Nov 27, 2004 #1
    AAAAAAHHHH!!! :mad:

    The aogony of network firewalls, It took me 5 mins to load up this page on a connection that is supposedly 1M. All because my school finds the need to check every single packet that is sent to and from my computer.

    Up until a week ago everything was fine because I was authenticating myself on a workgroup as supposed to on the normal school domain. This meant that "WebMartial" was not active and i brilliant broadband access.

    Then came the new head of computing. he saw it all, all of the corruption and filesharing and he thought hed to something about it.

    He pressed the reset button on the Server. WebMartial reasserted itself defaultly over the entire network, Workgroup and Domain. Everything was Dashed.

    Previously I had been using an HTTP Tunnel to create a Proxy which my MSN messenger could use. It was rerouting through port 4463, as soon as the server was reset all port were closed and so MSN was useless.

    Now im having to run my internet through WebMartial. Its Agonising. Its going to take 10 minutes just ot post this.

    Im working on a solution but Trying to find which ports are open is proving difficult. Port scanning doesnt work, all i need is a way to be able to use the internet properly.

    If anyone here can give me any ideas, it would be wonderful.

    Yours BLUE_CHIP
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    Are you sure Port Scanning doesn't work? Which port scanning program are you using?

    There's many things you could do. Most of which you'll probably get in trouble for.
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    Sorry, this isn't appropriate.
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