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Network help guys

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    This is the first time I'm trying to set up a Network, I'm using Windows XP on both this one and the Wireless Laptop (yes I know Microsoft is a pain) but I can't do it. Anyone wanna help?

    This is what I have so far, I set up a network with the wizard on the main computer, gave the workgroup a name and I did the same thing to the Laptop, gave it the same workgroup name and everything.

    Now, when I go to the main computer and click on "Show workgroup computers" I can see both computers, but when I try to click on the laptop icon it doesn't let me saying that I need permission....

    It gets worse, if I go to the laptop I can't even see the 2 computers on the "view workgroup computers" option, it says I have no permission and to go see the administrator for help.... $%&#! I am the damn administrator !!! :(

    And another thing, I am simply trying to share the entire C drive from the desktop so that I can access it from my laptop. I don't want to share anything from the laptop. And by the way, I am using a router and it works fine. It has 64 bit encryption.

    Who wants to help? :)

    Edit: Also, if I change my mind, how can I erase the whole network set up and stop sharing everything without killing my internet conection network?
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    About this part; after setting up your network you should set up a share. Find a folder you would like to share, right-click it, select 'Sharing and Security', and go through the rest of the procedures which should be fairly intuitive. You just might have some luck after doing all that.

    Good luck
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    Thanks for the reply.

    Here is the thing, Even if I share something, (I want to share the whole C drive from my desktop to the laptop) but when I go to my laptop, I can't even access the computers in the work space, it says I have no permission. In fact, I can't even see my workplace computers from my laptop, only from my desktop (main computer) i can do this...

    Can you help me clear the whole network thing instead? Like erase it or something, without affecting my wireless internet connection? I don't want that network anymore, where do I go to erase it on both computers? :(
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    Let me see; I think you may need to share something on the laptop before it will appear when viewing your workgroup computers. Another thought is that I believe your router is sending a signal even when wireless networking is disabled. The laptop would detect the signal but you won't be able to connect until you configure the router for wireless operation. I am not knowledgeable on running multiple networks on the same system so not much help there, I'm afraid. What type of router is it?
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    I have a Linksys and the internet connection is fine. I have no problem (obviously since I'm here) but what I really want now is to eliminate that network configuration, but nothing to do with my original internet connection.

    Thanks anyway, I'm still waiting on some help from anyone here.

    Edit: Thank God for System Restore points :)
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