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Network Printer Doesn't Responds

  1. Apr 23, 2004 #1
    I Have A Network With 13 Different Types Of Computer And 8 Printer
    Shared. All Computers Are Using Win 98se. The Thing Is I Can't Print In Any Of These Computers And Can't Even Access A Printer Folder In Any Of These Computers(start-setting-printer). The Network Is Ok But When I Tried To Access A Printer Folder In Any Of These Computer It Cant Open And It Stack/freeze And I Cant Continure Untill I Restart. Can Any Body Have A Sugestion Of What I Can Do To Get Out Of This Mess Pls.
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    So let me get this straight - You have 13 computers on a network. You say the network is ok, so i'll asume all the computers can get access to the internet and the computers can see each other.The problem is that you can't access the printers from any of the computers.

    Questions: What type of print sharing hub are you using? Were you able at one time able to print from all the computers? Have you installed any software/updates recently that could have possibly affected printing? Do you have a firewall installed that is blocking access to the printing hub?

    I find it hard to believe that these computers just stopped printing for no reason. You must have played around with something to make this happen.

    Btw, why is every word start with a capital letter? it is rather annoying.
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    hoho install windows xp? more automatic for begginner like me =D

    98 have bugs out date le i even frozen on local printer and i was using p4 hhoho
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    Thanks for all who replied this thread. The strage thing is i solved the problem by preventing some programs to star while the computer is starting.
    I don't know for sure the technical problem but by doung that it works. I went to start menu and click on run. I type msconfig and click ok. Click on startup and i unchecked some programs which seems to me as junk an i click ok.I did restart the computer an the problem went of once and for all. Thank for all your correspondence especialy ADD.
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    i have got the answer!!

    Thank for your all good responce especially dd! The strange thing is i solved the problem by removing some programs to start while computer the computer is starting. I click on start menu and then run, I type mscomfig and click ok, click on startup and then unchecked some programs which seems to me as junk. I restart the computer and the problems went of for once and for all. I did this to the rest of the computer and they are all working fine now. Yet I don't know the technical problem but i did this and its ok. It minght sound silly but sometime it works.
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