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Network problem

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    this is OnRadioactiveWaves

    First and foremost, sorry if this isn't the right place for this.

    I have a networking problem. All I need to do is network 2 computers to be able to talk, and both get dsl and share a printer. I have 2 new dell computers with their own network card plus an extra network card from the dsl software, and a router.

    I am taking over for someone, who got the dsl working but was not able to get everything working.

    The main problem I'm having is, I did some networking on win2k professional, now I'm on XP home edition and nothing seems the same!

    Please help!!! And dont tell me to get Linux or whatever because this is what I'm stuck with!!!

    p.s. I need to figure out which way to connect the computers ie. connect them both to the router or connect 2 -> 1 -> internet

    This damn home edition XP sucks any help would be appreciated. I just need someone to point me in the right direction. Anything I try to do windows wants to do through "network wizzard" [b(]

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    First you need to get linux on both machines, then i'll help you. j/k


    DSL Modem->Router
    Router-> Two computers
    One of the Computers -> Printer

    Setup router with instructions from your isp.
    Go to printers on the computer you have the printer installed and share it by right clicking on it and selecting sharing. If you wantto share files, just right click on the folder and click share.

    I really don't see where your having the dificulty, but don't listen to me, i'm just another stupid linux user.
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    Thanks for the reply dduardo.

    Someone already set up the router. I don't remember all the ins and outs, but basicly the dude said he never got it all working together.

    On box 1 I have LAN 1 which goes to the router, and LAN2 which goes to box 2. When I connect the LAN 2 connection, it says everything is in order but I cant share the files! I try , but the computers dont see each other in the shares even though the network is supposably working.I cant even share them to the same computer its on. All I could figure out was " use network wizzard" which dosn't fix a damn thing. I'm used to windows professional that allows you much more control over the situation.

    So basicly you're saying I should connect the 2 machines through the router? Thats how it is now, but only dsl works. I worked on it for a while, and eventually got so frustrated getting nowhere I decided to ask for help.

    I guess I will try the network wizzard again. Microsoft advises against doing it this way because the computers will be accesible to every on the net or some bs.... sigh...
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    The router SHOULD be good to go, but you may need to check its settings. First though, just make sure the two computers have the same workgroup name and their tcp/ip is set for DNS (ie, obtain ip address automatically). You should be able to double click the network connecton, click properties and get to that.
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    That seems good right now. I have the internet working on both, but not sharing and the computers dont see each other.
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