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Network Security

  1. Oct 9, 2004 #1
    Is anyone interested in the field of network security?

    Do you specialize in a particular field?

    Would be interested if anyone has the same passion as me. :redface:

    I can not wait for summer to come, to give me some time for this hobby.
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    My Brother is a Network Engineer :P
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    Who does he work for KaneOris?
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    I worked as an intern/employee of a local company here for about 2 years, doing Unix/Network security. Guess you could say I did quite a few things. From managing Cisco routers, to making sure all the Unix apps worked correctly. Those would include Samba (which means I administered Windows systems), Apache, LDAP, etc. While trying to make sure these daemons and applications worked correctly, I also had to make sure they were secure.

    I enjoyed it, but it did get tiring. Plus, it came to a point where I didn't have the time to be paranoid and have the time for classes.
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    I am a network engineer. I work mostly with Cisco equiptment (Some McAfee and avaya)... I also do some systems administration on Linux (Red Hat) Windows, HPUnix

    Yeh I would say I am interested in Security... Perhaps a little too much :-) One of the best things (Or worst) In this field is that you have to be constantly learning, and keeping yourself on the bleeding edge of technology as much as possiable, or you will be left behind!

    Security is such a vast field, and I can only really comment on the network side of things anyway within networking it is one thing you have to keep on top of all the time, especially in your Border and DMZ equptment.. If you fail to lock something down correctly then it can have a very negative impact on Buisness.. Nowadays (Well always to be honest) you also have to be thinking about people who are actually working for you as possible security threats...

    I am especially interested in TCP/IP security and ways and means of using the flaws in this protocol suit to gain access to information, and subsequently use this information to stop potential crackers...

    Anyway have fun, vast field sure you will find many interesting avenues to explore
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    Hence, the reason I was forced to leave my internship/employment. If you do plan on doing network security, be prepared to be reading constantly. I had a daily routine where I would first read a few security focused websites (not going to advertise), not to mention reading a few texts. Adison/Wesley has an excellent introduction to the TCP/IP networking stack, that I spent 6 months reading.

    Once you find a vulnerbility in your setup, it'll be time to patch and evaluate. :smile: :yuck:
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