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Network to connect television satallite dishes

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    Does anyone here remember talk a few years ago about setting up a network to connect television satallite dishes to be used for astronomy? the theory was use the dishes overnight when most people are not watching. It could provide a large view and perspective with a surface area surpassing anything else imagined. After hearing/reading about it, I never saw it mentioned again.
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    How would you connect them all though? Our dish is connected to the TV - not a lot you could do with that I'd have thought.... Where would the data go??
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    I wish I could remember where I read it, prob in Astonomy mag. or Pop science. The details I dont remember, thought it sounded good at the time. I suppose a wireless transmitter would relay the info to NASA or something.
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    I think the idea is, in principle, just fine.

    I suspect that, as usual, the devil is in the details.
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    When I read about this, I was fascinated by the possibilities- the total dish surface area could be immense, I wish I could remember where I read it. It had to be in a science or astronomy magazine(basically the only things I read ). I'm sure it would be complicated, but now with wireless being more completely developed, it could become more possible. I believe it would be worth it, and the good part is it could start small.
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