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Homework Help: Networkin(frequency) question

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    What is the frequency in Hertz (cycles per second) of a signal that repeats 40,000 times within one minute? What is the period of the signal? (10 points)

    the baud rate is 666.66
    the same i the bit rate 666.66 in (ASK) Amplitude shift Keying.

    I know that in (ASK) frequency and phase remain constant while only the amplitude change.

    But i don't Know how to calculate the frequency and the phase.

    can anybody help me?
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    40,000 cycles per minute * (1 minute / 60 seconds) = x cycles per second.

    Note that the units cancel. Solve for x.

    - Warren
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    The frequency is the same as the baud rate that you calculated.
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