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Networking for Physicists

  1. Aug 25, 2012 #1
    I am creating this thread to gather the forums combined knowledge on networking and making connections for physics. So how do you guys do it, make friends at conferences, find buddies that you went to school with, graduate or even undergrad. Hit up random people on Internet forums? Make friends out of professors and colleagues even if they are in a different discipline. I encourage all of Physics Foums to share their tips so that it can help new and aspiring physicists and help them grow.
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    Go to conferences and talk to the people there. Ask them (informed questions) about their talks. Offer cooperating, if there is an opportunity and you happen to be a specialist in something they could use in their research.

    I think the most important prerequisite is having a very good general overview over your field and adjacent fields; this should allow you getting into chats easily.

    At conferences, often graduate students and postdocs keep to themselves and don't chat up the "big guys" in their fields. That is a big mistake! Go around and talk to ask much people as you can. ("as you can" implies having something to talk about, so read up and prepare!)
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    Most of my professional network consists of people I've worked with, went to school with, or met at conferences. It's pretty easy to meet people who do similar work at conferences. Meet them! A great way is at poster sessions since people are just waiting to talk to someone. If you have a business card it makes it easier.
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