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Netzero Hispeed G3

  1. Aug 9, 2005 #1
    I just want to bring awareness to some claims Netzero has made in a recent commercial campaign. They have this "technology" they call the third generation of dial up (Netzero Highspeed G3). They claim that you can't tell the difference between their service and DSL. I just want to make sure this is understood. There is no increased thoroughput between their servers and your existing modem.
    This technology compresses downloads (web sites, pictures, ect) and decompresses them on your system. When it encounters download, it does not enhance your dowload speed. Downloads are normally already compressed, even in zip files.
    Other ISPs have used similar technology for years (maybe not as effective when it comes to the bits and bytes). Aol's topspeed technology, and countless other internet accelerators. The fact is that a 56k modem cannot reach speeds near dsl or cable. There's a dramatic gap in speed.
    I have another issue with Netzero. I finally talked my pc illiterate parents into getting rid of aol and we switched to Netzero. Our Pc got messed up. There friend who works for Hewlette Packard tried putting the same Netzero software on another system. It began having problems immediately. I've heard from a friend that he had problems with Netzero too. I obviously have too vague of descriptions to get an answer, it's been a while. My thoughts are that this must be a conflict with certain types of hardware or just a flawed version. It just really upsets me because one new computer later, my parents won't switch from Aol.
    I gotta apoligize, I've given no thought to organizing this whole thing and have not put in many details. I guess I'm just typing some things that come to my mind on the topic and hoping for some interesting replies. Maybe a better explanation of the G3 technology as well as other internet accelerators. I still have the Netzero disk that gave me problems, I can try it on more systems. Even after reformatting, I still had the problems. I had to upgrade from 98 to XP to get the first computer running again.
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