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Neumatics, Pumps, and suspension.

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    I am attempting to create a "lever arm" to lift things up...... Using 1 or 2 Servos. How can I achieve it with Neumatics, Pumps, and/or suspension? Are they better than Gear Trains? The objects are some bottles and things around 2 lbs.

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    If you know the weight of the objects you need to lift then gears would probably be the easist route. Pneumatic systems take a bit of planning(solenoid valves, more batteries to power said valves, more software to control said solenoids, etc). Add a counter weight to your lever arm like this:


    See the little white box on the left of the crane? Extra mass is added to that box to balance the tower crane about its tower so it's less likely to tip over when lifting a load. Use that principle to help you lift your load.

    The eiffel tower uses a similar principle as well. Eiffel tower has elevator connect via a cable looped over an electric motor. When one car goes up, the other goes down. The masses of the cars essentially cancel out allowing a very small electric motor to lift pretty heavy loads.
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    Thanks for the prompt response,

    I am fascinated by your example. could you ellaborate more on the "white box" technique please? Is it pre-loaded there, or is it very dynamic, capable of changing mass even when the crane is up there. Where can I find more information on lever arm techniques (gearing, pneumatics, etc...) with also at least 2 DOF ( up and down ).
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