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Neural networks anyone?

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    Hello again,

    Im trying to build a neural network using C++. Has anyone had a go? I think the potential implications are really interesting and would like to hear about how people might have implemented them. Another general one for anyone.
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    I am very interested in your project. I am no where near that level however I would love to hear updates on how it is going and the progress you make. A professor of mine developed a neural network some years ago dealing with catching sexual predators. He didn't go into much detail about it but he did say that he could not explain why it worked. He spent a lot of time in court because he did a lot of forensic work for local law ( Florida ). He used his own neural network as a tool to catch these sexual predators but he could not use that information in court because he could not explain why it worked. He just knew that it did. What is your goal for your neural network if you don't mind me asking?
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    I cant envision how a network such as that might work but it seems like an interesting idea. Could this potentially be developed into a tool which could track a persons movements throughout the web, building an identity? I'm sure advertising companies would love such a thing, though the legalities of it not to mention the ethical aspect might be questionable.
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    I want mine to be able to produce a vector describing the motion of a component of a highly non-linear system.
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    I believe there are open source or free projects ready to use.

    Long ago I tried to implement neural network as part of the bitozoa project. It worked to some extent, but neural network was not learning, but evolving.
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    No endorsement intended, but some time ago I stored away a download of JavaAI and the book "Practical*Artificial*Intelligence*Programming*in*Java" by Mark Watson in order to poke around with it later, which hasn't happened yet. There is a large section on NNets which might be useful. See the above named section at:
    http://www.markwatson.com/opencontent/ [Broken]
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