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Neutral axis-Biaxial bending

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    How can the neutral axis of a concrete column under biaxial bending be determined. I mean if the load P is given along with the eccentricities ex and ey, how could the N.A. location and orientation be computed?
    Thank you.
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    Since concrete and steel are both non-linear materials the only accurate way to do it is numerically using trial and error.
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    Well I'm willing to make a program using Mathematica or a spreadsheet in excel in order to create the interaction curve of a column,so trial and error is no problem. Can you explain how shall I do it? Should I assume an initial N.A and then do the computations, and after that check if the computation check with the N.A assumed position?
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    That's pretty much it. Generally you have the vertical value of c and the rotation angle θ to locate it.

    Now if you are doing an interaction curve that is a little different because now you are finding capacities which I think will turn out to be a little easier to do. A good reference is Collins & Mitchell's "Prestressed Concrete Structures".
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    Thank you for your help.
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