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Neutral charged universe?

  1. Jun 12, 2008 #1
    hi there. one question arrise from a discussion in our lunch!?: is the universe neutral?? that means; is the universe equal in positive and negative charges??

    This question arrive by the fact that no flux could pass trough the "border" of the universe, as the energy associated to the electric field would pass too... and that would mean that universe isn't isolated...more, it would make impossible assume that it was conservation of energy.

    Now, the question wasn't completely answered, because, in some point of view, one can ask: why we must make the assumption that there must be conservation of energy in universe? The energy is conserved in all system, and only assuming the universe is THE system we can assume the conservation of energy old for universe.

    I putted this question as I suppose that in this case, we(who were arguing), needed a better definition of universe, as "the place of everything exists" xD

    Grettz, Littlepig
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