Neutralising Alcohol

  1. This question is about neutralising alcohol in the bottle, not in the body or an attempt to get rid of a hangover.

    So is it possible to turn an alcoholic beverage such as wine or beer into a light or non-alcoholic version by adding the appropriate chemicals and waiting for the reaction to complete?

    Maybe by running it through a catalytic filter of some description if direct reaction isn't feasible?
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  3. Borek

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    I am not aware of any reagent selective enough to react with ethanol only.
  4. Thanks, do you know of any reagents that would at least leave the wine as recognisably wine :smile: as opposed to turning it into Heaven knows what :yuck:?
  5. As stated before, there is really no feasible way to separate out the ethanol and leave the wine or beer in good condition.

    I'm not sure what you're referring to when you say :yuck:, but I can only imagine it is the transformation from ethanol to acetic acid. In this transition ethanol is oxidized, and in essences the drink no longer contains alcohol, though it now wreaks of acetic acid (vinegar) and has been thoroughly ruined.
  6. Borek

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    No idea about reagents, but I wonder if reverse osmosis process (similar to that used to make non-alcohol beers) won't work.

    Somehow I am afraid after removing the alcohol some of the substances dissolved in wine will precipitate out, and the taste will change substantially. Plus, ethanol itself is most likely responsible for part of the taste, so whatever is left can be undrinkable.
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