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Neutralization calculations

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    A student obtains 25.00 mL of an HCl solution of unknown concentration. Upon titration, 21.35 mL of 0.1200 M NaOH are required for neutralization. Determine the concentration of the HCl solution.

    the capital M is molar mass right? but i thught that was constant so how can it be 0.1200 M NaOH? :confused: or do they mean m for mols :confused:

    so the first thing you need to do is write the equation

    NaOH + HCL = NaCl + H2O

    using the mol ration, the number of mols will be the same for every thing elce
    soo... now what?
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    M stands for the concentration of the solution. It is equivalent to [tex]moldm^{-3}[/tex] or [tex]mol/litre[/tex].
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