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Neutrino Black Holes?

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    Hm, I wonder since neutrino's have no electric charge or color charge, but do have mass, is it possible for two neutrinos to come so close together that they collapse on themselves? Although the gravitational field between just two neutrinos is extremely small, it should still be possible right if they have no other interaction with each other?

    Of course, the idea could be expanded to LOTS of neutrinos, but I am curious of just two.
    What would happen??

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    No. I calculated the schwarzchild radius of two of the largest neutrino mass estimations I could find to be significantly smaller than a planck length.
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    Wow, how interesting! So the planck length is really considered to be the smallest length?
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    Indeed, if you had a bunch of neutrinos you could form a black hole.

    As for the planck length, it's not really the smallest length. It's the approximate length scale at which we think Quantum Gravity will become important. So I guess you could say it's the smallest length scale we can reasonably probe with our current theories, since we have no good theory of QG right now.
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