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Neutrino inportance

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    Is there anything else that the neutron does other than saveing the conservation laws. i mean there has to be something else the neutron plays a part of in the universe.
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    What does the bottom quark do for the universe? This is not a sensible question.

    - Warren
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    Neutron or neutrino? The neutron is responsible for stabilizing atoms to allow multiproton atoms to form, whereas neutrinos teach us astronomy :smile: - actually they might be responsible for some more CP violation, but we don't know yet since it's so hard to make any measurements with them.
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    Well, neutrinos were at first brought into physics just to save conservation laws of energy and momentum in beta decays. But later they have also been detected, so I do not see a point of this discussion? o_O

    Well, another thing that neutrinoes could partly solve, is the problem of dark matter. If they had a tiny mass (as expected nowadays) they could be the hot dark matter. Cold dark matter is still a big question, as well as origin of neutrino masses. :|
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